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Finished wooden houses

If you are thinking about building a wooden house, we recommend ready-made wooden houses. Ready-made wooden house designs are a perfect solution - such a house is made of natural raw materials, which means that the building has the same properties as wood. It belongs to the most important of themthe ability to accumulate heat and regulate humidity. Therefore, if you decide on a ready-made wooden house, you will feel pleasantly cool inside it in the summer thanks to the ability of wood to absorb heat. In winter, the same heat will be emitted by the wooden house, thanks to which it will protect the interior from cooling down. Asmanufacturer of wooden houses we offer ready-made log houses all year round, Canadian frame houses at attractive prices. All of them are made of high-quality wood, which makes them extremely solid and durable.

Cennik domy z bali

Domy z bali

Cennik Domy szieletowe

Domy szkieletowe

More priced projects will appear here soon.

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