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Manufacturer of wooden and frame houses

Technological leader of wooden constructions in Poland

About company

UNIHAUS is a company that in a professional and innovative way, using a system of full prefabrication of elements, deals in the production of houses, large facilities, such as restaurants, hotels and production halls. Not only do we use the knowledge and experience of our predecessors, but we also have our own technological solutions for log building systems and prefabricated framework structures (fertighaus). The fact that our production capacity can be described as producing one house within 48 hours is a great proof of our work.
Our company employs a team of experienced specialists in every industry we need and has its own machinery and specialized technical facilities. Our projects can be found not only in Poland, but also in Norway, France, Germany and the Czech Republic.

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Dlaczego UNIHAUS?

Zobacz i sprawd藕 dlaczego jeste艣my najlepszym mo偶liwym producentem Twojego domu z drewna!

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UNIHAUS - a leading manufacturer of wooden houses in Poland

We manufacture houses and large-scale facilities, such as restaurants and hotels, log houses, energy-saving, prefabricated frame houses. Production is carried out in an innovative way, using a system of full prefabrication of elements. What distinguishes our company from competing offers on the market?

  • Ready architectural designs, available at the best, competitive prices;

  • fast construction time, also possible thanks to full prefabrication of most of the elements needed to create each project; this allows us to very quickly assemble on site;

  • a team of experienced specialists in every industry needed to implement the construction;

  • independent production of components, thanks to our own carpentry shop and sawmill;

  • own technological facilities and machinery park; Thanks to this, we are completely independent from the majority of subcontractors and fully responsible for our productions. We are also confident that we offer our customers the highest quality products and services.


A manufacturer of wooden summer houses and all-year-round houses- wide offer

If you are wondering if a wooden house is for you or you are not sure if wooden structures are stable enough, as a manufacturer of wooden houses we guarantee the highest quality and solid performance. The experience gained over the last thirty years has allowed us to refine the technology of both log and frame houses to perfection. What are our technologies?

  • Log houses - all log buildings prepared by our company are made of the highest quality wood. Thanks to this, the objects are not only durable, but also solid. As a manufacturer of log houses, we have technological facilities that allow us to take care of every single log. Before each implementation, our constructor prepares a technological (production and assembly) project, according to which each log is processed at the stage of machining. Thanks to this, all joints are perfectly matched and tight. Our company also professionally deals with the installation of external doors and windows.

  • Frame houses - as a manufacturer of frame houses, we have the tools, experience and a production plant to make ready-made elements (walls, ceilings) inside production halls, maintaining the highest standards in Poland and Europe. Our skeletal construction technology is based on a construction frame with a thickness of 27 cm! We use the highest quality mineral wool to fill the walls, and Fermacell cement-fibre boards to close them.


As a leading manufacturer of wooden houses, we understand the importance of choosing the right company. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that wooden houses and our other projects from scratch are characterized by very high quality workmanship. Only full commitment, good technical facilities, knowledge and extensive experience allow us to shape our image and achieve customer satisfaction.


Gastronomy facilities

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Log houses

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Frame houses

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Magdalena Michalczyk

“Polecamy jak najbardziej! D艂ugo szukali艣my profesjonalnej firmy, która wykona nasz domek.
Trafili艣my na firm臋 UNIHAUS i nie 偶a艂ujemy!
Ekipa bardzo zgrana, szybka i dok艂adna. Indywidualne podej艣cie do klienta. Jeste艣my szcz臋艣liwymi posiadaczami domu z bala ;)"