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Frame houses all year round Canadian houses

Frame houses are an alternative to brick houses, and the technology of their construction refers to the construction of the walls. In a year-round frame house, the frame is first made of vertical and horizontal wooden beams, which is then filled with insulating material. Asmanufacturer of wooden housesand skeletal structures, we are the technological leader of wooden structures in Poland. UNIHAUS is a company thatin a professional and innovative way, using a system of full prefabrication of elements, deals with the production of housesand large-scale facilities, such as restaurants, hotels and production halls. We have the right tools, experience and a production plant to provide services with the highest standards in Poland and Europe.

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Year-round frame houses - ecological, healthy and economical

Wooden frame houses are very popular in North America, where they make up the majority of residential buildings. Hence the common name of frame houses is: Canadian houses.Canadian-style houses are cheap to build, economical and ecological, which is why they are becoming an increasingly popular type of construction also in Poland.

Frame houses from our offerare distinguished by the high quality of the materials used, thanks to which we guarantee the comfort of use at the highest level. For the construction of year-round frame houses, we use properly prepared, durable and durable wood. Canadian houses have many advantages, including:

  • universality of the finish- external walls of a frame house can be finished in many ways: covered with wood, plastered or covered with clinker tiles;

  • many options for heating installation- the construction of frame houses allows for the installation of any type of heating, the constructions are energy-saving;

  • lightweight construction;

  • short construction time- a frame house is built in a much shorter time than a traditional building;

  • low price- frame houses usually have an attractive price, more favorable than log or brick houses.

Canadian-style houses - the latest UNIHAUS technologies

Frame houses are built on the basis of a wooden frame to which the walls are attached.Most of the work can be performed regardless of the season and weather conditions, so you can decide to build at any time.

Our skeletal construction technology is based on a construction frame with a thickness of 27 cm! We use the highest quality mineral wool to fill the walls, and Fermacell cement-fibre boards to close them. We employ a team of experienced specialists in every industry we need.We are distinguished by fast construction time, we also have our own machinery and specialized technical facilities. Implementations of UNIHAUS frame houses can be found not only in Poland, but also in Norway, France, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

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