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Year-round log houses and cottages - Domy Góralskie

Are you wondering if a wooden house is for you? Before you make a decision, it is worth getting to know the features of this type of construction.Log houses are made of natural wood, which means that they have the same properties as the raw material from which they were produced. It belongs to the most importantthe ability to accumulate heat and regulate humidity. Therefore, if you decide to build a year-round log house, you will feel pleasantly cool inside it in the summer thanks to the ability of wood to absorb heat. In winter, the same heat will be emitted by the log house, thanks to which it will protect the interior from cooling down. As a manufacturer of wooden houses, we offer modern log houses made of high-quality wood. Thanks to this, they are extremely solid and durable.

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Asmanufacturer of wooden housesyear-round houses, summer houses or log cabins, we have our own technological solutions. They relate to log construction systems and prefabricated frame structures (fertighaus).Thanks to modern solutions, we can guarantee that each single log will be professionally prepared and matched to the otherswhile preserving its unique, fully natural shape. We also offer more modern forms - bales with a straight or semicircular profile. Before each implementation, we prepare a technological (production and assembly) project, according to which each log is processed at the stage of machining. Thanks to thisall connections are perfectly matched and tight. In an equally professional way, we also deal with the installation of external doors and windows. We provide the highest quality and perfect execution of one-story and two-story log houses - our facilities are not only beautiful, but also solid.

We recommend ready-made architectural designs, available at the best, competitive prices, including:

You can order from us solid highland log houses or in a modern style, we will also present a favorable price list and guarantee a quick delivery date.We have good technical facilities, knowledge and experience, thanks to which we are able to offer you a solution exactly what you expect.

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