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Our external walls are 37 cm thick!
This is an average of 30% more than the walls used by other companies in Poland


Mineral wool 21cm

Windproof membrane

FERMACELL fiber cement board
Construction timber KVH 21cm
Dispersion adhesive

Elevation wool 10cm

Mesh and glue



Construction timber 5cm

Conduits for electric wires

Vapor barrier film

Installation space - mineral wool 5cm

FERMACELL fiber cement board

The technology of skeletal structures is based primarily on the use of wooden beams, which are "interspersed" with a material that will be used for thermal insulation. Interestingly, despite the fact that the majority of elements in skeletal structures are very light, such as walls, they are characterized by very good attenuation of all kinds of sounds. It is also important that in the case of skeletal structures, it is very easy to assemble all installations whose elements should be in the walls. In the construction of the ceiling, OSB is also used and - depending on the wishes of customers - drywall. If it is known at the design stage that in some places, the walls will require additional reinforcement, it is enough to use it to be able to hang heavier objects in these places in the future or use them in another way.
Our employees are well aware of the importance of precision for skeletal objects. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that the houses we build from the very beginning were characterized by very high quality workmanship. Only full commitment, technical background, knowledge and experience allowed us to achieve customer satisfaction and shape our image against the background of other companies involved in this type of activity.

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