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All log objects that are prepared by our company are made of the highest quality wood, because they are the basis for the fact that the objects we make are not only durable, but also solid. Our technological background allows us to ensure that each individual ball is professionally prepared and adapted to the others. It is also very important for us that none of the activities on the balls selected by us violates its unique, fully natural shape.
A significant part of the structural elements appear on the construction site just before its installation. Creating walls, for example, consists in very accurate, thought-out and professional joining of logs, because at this stage, e.g. tightness of their execution will be very important. Our company, equally professionally, deals with the installation of external doors and windows, which is also important for many of our clients.
Finishing a log home, above all, will depend on what our customers want. Due to full professionalism as well as full commitment, which is aimed at the highest quality customer satisfaction, we are very flexible in this regard. Therefore, this stage is individually considered with each client and depends on his needs and expectations. If you dream of a traditional log house that brings to mind cozy, warm spaces or maybe you prefer a slightly more modern solution, we are open to all your suggestions.

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