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Wooden garden pools

Wooden pools are a very original solution for hot days. If you plan to enrich your garden with an attractive place for relaxation and entertainment, a wooden swimming pool will be a great choice. A wooden garden pool is not only a perfect solution for hot days, it is also an aesthetic decoration of your garden. Asmanufacturer of wooden houseswe offer pools in a wooden casing with trouble-free and quick assembly, original and very practical. 

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Garden pools made of wooden logs - advantages

A wooden garden swimming pool is a perfect place for rest and entertainment for the whole family. It is also an unusual attraction during parties or meetings with friends, and you can enjoy cooling at your fingertips throughout the summer. Why is it still worth investing in a wooden garden pool?

  • Wooden swimming pools guarantee a great lookbecause they fit perfectly into a garden decorated in any style;

  • material, which is wood, providessolidity, strength and durability of the structure;

  • the offer of wooden pools is very wide, thanks to whichyou can easily choose a swimming pool with dimensions and shape suitable for your garden; we also guarantee you professional advice and assistance in choosing;

  • wood is a material thatyou can paint it any color you wantThat's why you can adjust the wooden garden pool to any arrangement.

Therefore, if you value aesthetic appearance, reference to nature and durability of products, choose proven and reliable solutions - choose a wooden swimming pool for your garden.

Garden pools made of wood to size - a wide range

The UNIHAUS offer includes models of wooden garden pools at attractive prices, made of the highest quality materials and with the greatest care.Our wooden garden pools are distinguished by their solidity, durability and aesthetic, natural look. We offer constructions of various sizes and shapes, thanks to which you can choose a wooden pool model that will meet your expectations and the amount of space in the garden. 

We have our own technological solutions for building systems made of logs and prefabricated frame structures (fertighaus). Thanks to modern solutions, we can guarantee thateach element that we use to build wooden swimming pools will be professionally prepared and matched to the otherswhile maintaining the unique, fully natural look of wood. Before each implementation, we prepare a technological (production and assembly) project, according to which each element is machined at the machining stage. Thanks to this, all joints in garden wooden pools are perfectly matched and tight. 

In an equally professional way, we also deal with the installation of external doors and windows. We also recommendfinished wooden houses, available at the best, competitive prices. You can also order from uslog housesandframe houses.We provide the highest quality and perfect execution of wooden swimming pools and one-story and two-story wooden houses- our objects are not only beautiful, but also solid. We will also present you a favorable price list and guarantee a quick delivery time. We have good technical facilities, knowledge and experience, thanks to which we are able to offer you a solution exactly what you expect.

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