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Net price. With assembly: +8%VAT, without: +23%VAT.

Choose and check the scope of work:

Tebe Mini 52 m²

Tebe Mini 52 m²

Usable floor area: 51.98 m²

Building area: 69.83 m²

Total area: 69.83 m²

Net area: 51.98 m²

Gross volume: 314.54 m³

Roof area: 106.61 m²

A depression angle of a roof: 30 °

Building height: 5.71 m

Elevation width: 9.99 m

The length of the facade: 6.99 m

Min.lot width: 16.99 m

Min.plot length: 15.89 m

  • Construction without assembly:

    • technological project,
    • Frame construction wooden walls 22cm wide, upholstered with OSB board on the outside,
    • The frame structure of the ceiling with a thickness of 22cm,
    • Rafter and collar beam structure of the roof.

    On the side of the Investor/Ordering Party:

    • construction assembly,
    • Construction design and adaptation to the plot,
    • Notification of construction or obtaining a building permit,
    • Hiring or assuming the function of site manager and setting up a site log,
    • Preparation of the foundation slab or footings in accordance with the design,
    • All installations,
    • Insulation, closing and finishing of the walls of the i stropu  building,
    • Execution of external connections,



Clients who decide to buy the UNIHAUS House, we offer full support in all matters related to the completion of the necessary formalities and works that are on their side.

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The presented offer is informative and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 66 par. 1 of the Civil Code and other legal provisions.
The visualizations provided are for illustrative purposes only and cannot be treated as final implementation projects.
The calculations assume implementation in Poland.

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