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Trova le risposteper tutte le domande

Ci rendiamo conto che costruire una casa è una questione complicata e prima di iniziarla, dovresti considerare molte questioni e completare le formalità necessarie.

Anche il processo di produzione di una casa di tronchi o di prefabbricazione di una casa di legno può sollevare molte domande. Con tutto questo in mente, abbiamo preparato le risposte alle domande che i nostri clienti più spesso ci pongono per aiutarti a prendere una decisione sull'acquisto della casa dei tuoi sogni.

  • What scope of work do we carry out?
    We build frame houses to the developer state without installation. Log houses to the building shell closed. We can also prepare prefabricated elements for self-assembly.
  • How to Maintain Your Home?
    After completing the construction work, remember to impregnate the wooden elements of the house. In this case, preparations are used that penetrate deep into the structure of the wood, which protect it against various types of damage (the effects of moisture, excessive UV radiation). They are also centers that protect the wood against fungi, mold or pest. One of the most important points here is also the correct wood moisture! By using UNIHAUS services, each customer has a guarantee that he will receive a house that is healthy and resistant to the above-mentioned damage. Important: the impregnated wood should not have more than 20% humidity - but it should be cleaned, without blue stains and rotten spots. There are two types of conservation: superficial and deep.
  • Are changes to finished projects possible?
    YES. Before starting the production / prefabrication of elements, our constructor prepares, in cooperation with clients, a technological design and it is at this point that changes can be made without affecting the external body of the building.
  • What documents must the Investor have before starting the assembly?
    Building design and building permit.
  • What does the customer have to provide before starting the building assembly?
    The client must have a slab or strip footings made in accordance with our recommendations on his plot and have the necessary permits.
  • How long does construction take?
    From the moment of commencement of assembly on the plot, it is a maximum of 3 months.
  • How are UNIHAUS frame buildings constructed?
    UNIHAUS frame buildings are made in the prefabrication technology of the highest quality materials - C24 construction timber, KNAUF mineral wool, Fermacell boards and the highest quality finishing elements. The walls are delivered to the construction site closed and fully insulated, assembly is carried out by a reliable and experienced team, and the raw state is closed, sometimes in 5 working days.
  • What are the advantages of wooden prefabricated houses?
    The advantages of wooden prefabricated houses are combined with the advantages of timber (log) houses and prefabricated technologies. Thanks to the use of natural raw materials and materials, such houses ARE HEALTHY. Thanks to prefabrication, the assembly time on site is SHORT. Reduced assembly time on site gives SAVINGS. Prefabrication also guarantees us CONFIDENCE that the structure (skeleton) of the wall, filling with insulation and closure is made properly because in a horizontal position and in a closed hall (the walls are not exposed to weather conditions at any stage).

Ci auguriamo che le risposte alle domande di cui sopra siano complete e utili. Tuttavia, se non hai trovato quello che stai cercando e hai ancora dei dubbi su qualsiasi problema relativo all'acquisto o alla costruzione di una casa UNIHAUS, ti invitiamo a contattare i nostri specialisti che saranno felici di rispondere a qualsiasi tua domanda.

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